Pirate’s Booty – GMO’s?

As you might have noticed from my posts, as a Mom I’m concerned about our family eating genetically modified foods.   I was reading a pocket shopper’s guide from the Center for Food Safety about GMO’s.  (Great guide, btw).  It talks about the “Big Four” GMO foods in the US – corn, soy, canola, and cotton.  Which led me to thinking about one of MonkeyWrench’s favorite snacks – Veggie Booty!  How many of us Moms rely on veggie booty to get us through a car trip, visit to the park, grumpy moments, etc.?  They’ve got vegetables, the kids like ‘em, what’s not for Mom’s to like?   Well, Veggie Booty’s first ingredient is cornmeal, one of the “Big Four” for GMO’s (and the third ingredient is soy flour, another Big  Four).  And nowhere on the label does it say GMO-free.

Concerned, I wrote an e-mail to the Pirate’s Booty company, asking if they used GMO ingredients.  They responded promptly, with a nice e-mail that I am still puzzling through.  Here is the relevant quote “Our supplier cannot guarantee their corn is GMO-free, which is why we do not put it on the bag. We have very specific quality specifications that they must meet for us to continue to purchase from them and they can no longer guarantee that their corn is GMO free because of the existence of cross pollination and storage silo conditions.”

Hmm…I’m not sure if this means that it is mostly GMO-free, but they can’t guarantee it, or if they just don’t know. Since “don’t know” often means “probably GMO”, there is a difference in my mind.   I am glad that the company is concerning itself with these issues, and as a Mom, maybe I need to start thinking about unknowning contamination of organic food with GMO’s, too.

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13 responses to “Pirate’s Booty – GMO’s?

  1. firefrog

    OK, I’ve been doing sooo great following your advice (yes, I give you credit) for eating sustainable seafood.

    Now you tell me that my cake mix has GMO…and my yogurt. I’m giving you coal in your stocking for Christmas. OH WAIT!!! That is environmentally bad too!!! %#@&!!

    • mommyfrog

      Hey, have you tried the Dr. Oetker organic cake mixes? I made the chocolate cake last week. I also used their frosting mix, and yum, yum! GMO-free chocolate cake, here we come!

  2. mtngirl

    I am very grateful that you posted this article. I have contacted the Pirate Booty company several times asking if they use GMO corn, with no response. Thank you !!!

  3. nyc

    the question to ask is where do the seeds they use come from and i guarantee its monsanto. i heard them say they use other farms but those “other” farms get their corn seed from monsanto. dont they?

  4. Laura

    Thanks for taking the time to write Pirate’s Booty. I had a similar response when I called their consumer affairs department. Basically I was told that they couldn’t guarantee that their foods are non-GMO due to the cross-pollination. I told them to please note that people, especially parents, are reading labels. The more of us who call companies and demand foods that are GMO-free, the more likely changes will be made. Given the $4mm annual budget spent by Monsanto on lobbyists each year, the best impact we can have is as consumers — 1) educating ourselves, friends and kids, 2) advocating mandatory labeling of GMOs and 3) purchasing products made with organic soy, corn, canola and sugar.

  5. Mary Ellen Smith

    Sounds like the old run around to me. Companies can and do make sure that the corn that they use is non GMO so I can only assume that Pirates Booty does not care enough to do so. No more Pirates Booty at our house.

  6. Um, then why not change their supplier with one that can guarantee non-GMO corn? This infuriates me!

  7. Bea

    Thanks for looking into this. I just emailed them today because their reps at the stores have stated they are GMO free but they have nothing in writing. There is also nothing on their web site. From that answer, I do not believe they are GMO free. Trader Joe’s states on it’s web site that all of their TJ brand name products are GMO free because they request it from their suppliers. If you live in the State of California make sure you vote yes for Prop 37. We may be the first state to mandate GMO labeling. If it passes hopefully we will see other states follow.

  8. Anonymous

    thank you so much

  9. George

    As of today January 6, 2014, the Pirate Booty website says they DO use GMO ingredients. I am taking all my Pirate Booty snacks back to the store I bought them at and getting a refund! Furthermore I will ask them to label them as such or just do not carry them anymore. If we keep buying GMOs, we’ll never get rid of them! So VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS!

  10. TS

    This means they aren’t GMO free. This standard answer comes from all Monsanto supporters! As a grandparent I am no longer buying. I think a boycott is in order! We feed this to our kids!!!

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