soy everywhere!

Continuing from a recent post, I am continuing to be completely surprised by the prevalence of soy in so many foods!  I’m on vacation with family, and what’s a MommyFrog who’s not supposed to eat soy or dairy supposed to do when the entire family is (unknowingly) chowing down on soy.  Just today I found soy in (good-quality) hotdogs, hot dog buns, ketchup, and mustard, and shortening.  I already knew there was soy in most chocolate and mayonnaise, as well as many breakfast cereals, and breads.   And, <drum roll>  Cheetos!   My brother has now proclaimed Cheetos a health food, since we all know soy is healthy, right?  But don’t forget that according to GMO-compass, 91 % of the current soy planted in the US is genetically modified.   

So check your labels, and realize that unless you’re eating organic food, the chances are that anything that has soy on the label probably has genetically modified soy in it.   Did you know you were eating so many genetically-modified foods?  What’s the harm with genetically modified foods?  Stay tuned for more on this from MommyFrog…

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3 responses to “soy everywhere!

  1. Soy-free mayonnaise:
    Into your blender put
    one (room temperature) egg
    a teaspoon (approx) prepared French mustard
    1/2 teaspon salt
    1/2 teaspoon sugar
    juice of half a lemon OR a similar quantity of vinegar
    pepper &/or garlic if you like
    pour in about 1/4 cup sunflower oil (you can use olive oil, but I doubt you’ll taste the difference – add a pitted olive instead) or maybe corn oil, or another oil, but not “vegetable” oil.
    Put the lid on the blender and a funnel into the small hole in the lid – blend, and drizzle in the remainder of at least a cup (that’d be 3/4 cup more) oil while it whizzes…continue drizzling and whizzing until you see it solidify.
    Instant mayonnaise, and YOU KNOW WHAT’S IN IT.
    I haven’t bought commercial mayonnaise in over twenty years.
    Mess with the recipe. Add parsley for green mayonnaise, capers, chopped onion, dill pickle (after whizzing) for tartar sauce….

  2. PS, if, owing to rare atmospheric conditions, it really fails to emulsify, pour the failed mayonnaise liquid (a very nice egg vinaigrette, actually) into a cup, put a new egg in the blender, and then blend while drizzling the failed mayonnaise in instead of oil. It’ll be a little eggier, but the second time has never failed me. And the first time only fails about once every seven years.

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